extensions before

extensions after . extensions after 2

Pictured above: keratin bond individual extensions.

This fabulous model needed to fill in a haircut that had thinned her hair too much.
We gave her some length, some depth and some added color also - just by adding extensions.
This is a great way to LIGHTEN OR DARKEN hair without chemically treating it.


Scattered pieces for "effect": $150 and up
Some people like to use hair extensions just to add interest to their existing hair cut or to add piecey lengths to a new haircut or bangs.

Highlights/Lowlights: $250 and up
Extension highlights are great because they are non-damaging to ones' existing hair. They are a perfect alternative to chemical lightening services and a wonderful way to give hair fullness and depth.

Thickness: $500 and up
Some people are just looking to make their hair fuller, not longer. This is an ideal service for those who desire fuller, thicker hair.

Full Head: $800 and up
A full head of extensions can completely change the length and density of ones' natural hair, depending on the desired result. It can be done on either existing short or long hair and the results are unbelievable!


How long do hair extensions last?
As a general rule, we say that individual extensions last about four months. We guide each client in the care of their hair extensions so that they can get the longest wear out of them. We have seen people wear them up to a year and just replace them as needed, we have seen people wear them just for an event.

Do hair extensions damage my hair?
No. Keratin bond hair extensions are made of protein, which is also the chemical makeup of your hair. This is what makes the bonds attach so well. When we remove them, we just break the bond and slide them right off your hair.